Of all the things I have come to experience in my entire life I can comfortably say that my passion for dogs rates at the top. From the time I was able to walk according to my parents my focus was dogs, any dog  a neighbors unruly hunting dog, the local Fire Departments Dalmatian, the dirty, greasy shepherd that lived at our small town’s gas station. The list goes on, if there was a dog in the midst I would find him and sit down as close as possible to pet and hug them.

As a college student and later as a young adult many vacations I took ended up with my finding at least one or maybe a pack of homeless dogs. I spent endless hours tracking down the poor scared creatures  and nothing became more important than, feeding or befriending them, to get just close enough for a few pats and a couple of snapshots. Nothing was more fulfilling and to this day any interaction with our canine friends still brings me more joy than most things I have come to encounter in life.

For close to 20 yrs while raising 2 daughters in Florida we became immersed in horses & ponies traveling and showing all over the country. We took it a bit further and began traveling to Europe in search of hunter/jumpers for my youngest who was competing at the highest levels and at about the same time I discovered the sport of polo and our lives were focused 100% on the equine world.

I was still always a magnet for dogs everywhere we went and I was at my happiest when I could help any and every stray dog that crossed my path. We went to buy a 200 acre farm in Argentina, to pursue the sport of polo at it’s best. Sadly Argentina has a very high population of homeless dogs. In the 3 years living in Argentina with my oldest daughter, also a dog lover we had close to 30 dogs as pets and spent much of our time scooping up dogs all over town bringing them to the local vet and paying to spay or neuter them and nursing them back to good health.

My connection to dogs has never wavered for my entire life, you may wonder how I could switch gears, from dog rescuer to dog breeder as I firmly believed that far too many unwanted dogs were roaming the streets of this world. So how in the world could I now be involved in breeding dogs?  Upon my return to the states, the Central Coast of California to be specific along with 3 Argentine street dogs in tow and no idea what I would do with my time now that my daughters were on their own,  I quickly became very bored and felt the need to do something.  I had not worked in over 30 years, and hold a college degree in a field I had never worked in, I was drawn to doing something with dogs.

My prayers as I realize today were answered  I was hired by a woman breeding, raising and training  Labradoodles. I will admit I had heard about them while in Florida but anything else I would learn in the days, weeks and years to come continues to surpass my greatest imagination. I will admit the breeding and sale of dogs rubbed me the wrong way and for the first time in my life I had a negative attitude about a group of dogs that I was going to be caring for. Of course if you are a dog lover, it s impossible not to love any dog and so my life was about to change along with my preconceived opinion regarding these dogs and the breeding aspect.

I am meeting a breed of dogs so intense with their attachment to humans I am in disbelief.  I am greeted from day one of starting a job I felt so grateful to have by not one, but multiple Labradoodles of various ages. Moms with pups, young dogs in training to become therapy or service dogs, puppies to be family companions, all in various stages getting ready to unite with the person that dog will being going to live with for the rest of it s life. 

I felt bad about my rush to judgment about the business of purposely breeding dogs period!  What I quickly discovered was that I had never given any thought to the huge amount of people out there that have some reason thru no fault of their own whereby they might never have been able to consider owning a dog.  There are many reasons allergies, physical or mental or even a higher number of emotional conditions of which until the arrival of Labradoodles these unfortunate folks had never known the way a dog can change their world. This is almost as sad as the homeless dogs I have come to know.

I have come to love and appreciate the impact these Labradoodles make every time they are so perfectly paired up with the right person.   I once again realize every dog really wants and needs a person in their life. Any one choosing a Labradoodle as their partner and best friend for life will never be let down.

I am fortunate to have worked for and be mentored by Liz Ferris of Country Labradoodles. Knowing what I learned from my years with raising top quality horses, Country Labradoodles has the absolute highest standards for a breeding program. I have seen Liz pass on keeping a breeding prospect, that I thought was perfect, and all though they are perfect as pets if they are not 100% in every aspect that could possibly be bred into future litters they are offered to families or individuals when the right fit presents itself.

I have learned that it is so important to look for and recognize from day one the unique behaviors of each puppy that will guide the breeder to find the right home or situation for the individual puppy. Many arel selected to be potential therapy/service dogs, others to be family companions. The entire process is so well monitored and designed to create dogs that will end up in the perfect home for THEM. Having the right owner/puppy team is not a simple process and has taken me every minute I have worked with Liz to understand why she does what she does and more important why she does it so incredibly well!! 

I feel that with my 20 years of showing/raising horses and learning from what I consider to be one of the best Labradoodle breeders in the country I will be able to help any prospective family find the perfect match for them. Labradoodles are the most special dogs that I have ever met! I am committed to raising the best quality Labradoodles with the best temperaments possible.  My foundation dogs are from proven therapy/service dog lines originating in Australia.

I will to be able to continue supporting my original obsession of homeless dogs I have always found there are ways to make any situation in life a win/win for all involved I will be able to take a portion of any profit made from my investment in the breeding of these wonderful dogs and pass it along to do my part in helping to create a better world for the many neglected unwanted dogs that exist in every part of the world we live in. I do feel extremely blessed to be in my position and can t wait to share all of it with anyone having an interest in the world of Labradoodles.


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