The decision to breed any animal is a huge responsibility. When we breed our dogs we not only place a high importance on reproducing the best specimen of the breed possible but we have an obligation to the future owners of our dogs to breed the best most healthy and structurally sound dog as possible.

We begin with our breeding stock that is an excellent representation of the breed standard, a dog that is the epitome of health soundness, structure and possess all of the outstanding breed characteristics known to the Australian Labradoodle. In Summary we breed only the best to the best.

We feel very strongly that just because a dog passes health testing does not make that dog the quality that we would want to pass along to future offspring. The dog must be a total package of health, temperament and correct structure.

Prior to breeding we gather as much history as possible on each dog, including the health history, structure, soundness, temperament, coat and color, from all of the ancestors, parents, grandparents and so on. All of this information is recorded on charts and graphs to be carefully analyzed. This information is critical to producing top quality dogs and the future preservation of breed quality.

Through this careful screening process I feel that we have the advantage of selecting only the best mate for each dog we choose to breed. We keep in mind the goal for each litter in relation to size, color and coat. We never compromise the health, soundness, structure or temperament. The resulting litters are top quality allowing us the opportunity to select top quality future breeding stock from nearly every litter.

Once we have produced a litter we then analyze the entire litter, adding this information to both parents charts. As the puppies become adults we add to each chart as we monitor the offspring and note any good and adverse issues with each dog. This carful screening allows us to move forward to produce the best possible Australian Labradoodles anywhere in the country.

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