I was looking for a puppy to be a suitable prospect for being a service dog. I researched many different breeders looking for breeders who health tested and ensured the best quality puppies, both for health quality, temperament, size, and breed. After finding many Labradoodle breeders that didn’t health test or practice ethical breeding, I came across Country Labradoodles (Liz Ferris) and Central Coast Labradoodles (Nancy Brown). They had puppies for the size I needed with proper temperament and parents that were health tested. I purchased my puppy after having many good conversations with breeder and having her temperament test and send me pictures and videos of puppies she thought were a good fit. Milo came home on November 13, 2017. I’ve started him in basic obedience, socialization, and confidence building. He also has started some tasks such as deep pressure therapy which is used for many things such as pain, seizures, panic attacks, etc., seizure alert (which was natural and I’m shaping it) & response, block (standing behind me to provide space between me and other people, and some anxiety alerts to interrupt anxious behaviors such as chewing my nails and scratching my arms. He has matured so much since he’s come home. He has calm times and hyper puppy times. He’s very eager to please and always wants to be by my side. Milo is now 4 months old and doing very well for his age. Milo will be my second service dog AND my second Labradoodle. My current service dog is also a Labradoodle, his name is Max. Max and Milo were instant brothers, they’ve bonded so well and Milo looks up to Max and had picked up on good behaviors from watching and following what Max does (imprinting). Max and Milo are so in sync with not only me, but with each other. They do training sessions together, they sit and down at the same time, and even yawn at the same time. It’s so funny how well they get along. They always are next to each other and always have to be touching. He has big paws to fill, but I’m sure he will do it in time. Patience, effort, and time are key in training and owning a puppy. I highly recommend this breeder! Did I mention how adorable their dogs and puppies are? They are incredibly adorable! Nancy & Liz were amazing to work with and were very open to any questions I had.

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