I’d like to thank you for the wonderful puppy I got from Dora and Farley’s summer of 2017 liter.  Nala joined my home at a time I needed something to smile about and honestly, she has put a smile on my face all day since she came home.  I refer to her as my four legged anti depressant:).
Having had Golden Retrievers for the previous 20 years I was unsure what to expect from an Australian Labradoodle but the allure of no odor/no shed drew me in.  I had no idea how different in personalities the breeds would be.  Where my Golden’s were predictable, loyal and loving (perhaps needy), Nala is joyous, playful and entertaining in addition! I love her independent nature, a trait I didn’t know existed in a dog!  She will play for hours and I do mean play on her own throughout my back yard.  She throws the ball to herself, she has great games with imaginary friends and her toys and birds are a constant source of entertainment.
I revel in watching her play and end up laughing out loud all the time.  Every new person she meets becomes her new best friend and hero while every single dog also becomes her new best friend.  This dog has a zest for life, not a mean bone in her body and we can’t go anywhere without it being remarked on.  She is so fluffy and soft and nobody can get enough of her.
She is super smart….she was ringing her bell to go outside within two weeks of being home and coming in pell mell from the depths of my yard to the command come by 3 or 4 months old.  I will say for those considering the breed, Nala will learn anything I really commit to teaching her but she does sense when it’s a fluffy command and really isn’t into tricks!  That’s okay, it’s on me as I really only care about come, sit and stay!
All that said if I had to characterize my puppy with one word, it’s Optimist without a doubt.  Anyone needing a little fun in the their lives should get a puppy from you.  Your puppies offer both temperament and beauty and you are a pleasure to work with.  Thank you for matching me with the perfect dog.
Elise Fornaci