Nancy did an incredible job helping match us with our perfect baby boy, Sheriff!

We wanted a puppy who loved to cuddle, was energetic and wanted to play, but was also mellow and able to entertain himself when necessary. Nancy listened to our needs and, through thoughtful observation of the litter, matched us to Sheriff who is everything we ever wanted and so much more. He is an incredibly smart, friendly, caring, funny, loving, crazy and mellow family member.
Sheriff is very eager to please and is always by our side. He takes on to learning new things and training very quickly. He was bell trained within one week of being introduced to it as well as fully potty trained and trusted around the apartment by 4 months.
Sheriff has brought us so much joy, laughter and love and we are forever grateful for Nancy’s dedication to and love for all of her puppies, finding the perfect home for each and every one. Thank you Nancy!