Central Coast Enduring Lil Charm

Dante is the granddaughter of one of the most well known legendary Australian Labradoodles of our Breed, Rutlands Lil Brett. Lil Brett was imported into the USA from Australia in 2002 by aAprina Labradoodles. He was known for producing offspring with exceptional temperments. Many of his offspring went on to be service or therapy dogs as well as great family companions. Lil Brett is also remembered for producing offspring with great conformation with stocky well-built frames; he stamped his pups with broad heads and beautiful structure.

Dante’s sire side of the family is equally notable. Her grandsire is the legendary Sunsethills Tempt N Charm, aka Charlie. Country Labradoodles imported Charlie into the USA from Australia in 2008. He has produced many service and therapy dogs across the globe. Breeders best know Charlie across the country as producing offspring with exceptional easy-going trainable temperaments.

We are proud to have Dante carry on the tradition of the original Australian Labradoodles with the goal of producing great family companions and service and therapy dog prospects.

Dante is a calm and affectionate dog with great bone and substance. Her favorite things are to hang out at home and be a part of any and all activities.

Dante has many half-siblings that are part of other breeder programs including:

  • Country Charmed Confection “Candy” at Country Labradoodles
  • Country Mischievously Charming “Bailey” at Country Labradoodles
  • Country Georgy Girl at Legendary Labradoodles
  • Country Lil Charmer Roxy at Ivylane Labradoodles
  • Country Key to Hanalei “Hana” at Danae Gunter
  • Full Sibling: Central Coast Lil Dora The Explorer “Dora”
OFA Hips Fair
Pennhip L.46 R.55
Elbow Normal
CAER Normal
Cardiac Normal
Patellas Normal
Progressive Retinal Atrophy PRCD PRA Normal
Von Willebrand Disease 1 Normal
Size Medium; 20 inch; 44 pounds
Coast Curly Fleece
Color Chocolate