Lady has passed her health exams and in fact came back with a rare grade of excellent on her OFA hip score!
She has great bloodlines with her sire Memory Lakes King of Hearts “Brinkley” and her dame our very own Central Coast Enduring Little Charm, “Dante”, who has produced some of our most beautiful puppies and many service dogs. I chose Lady as a breeding prospect because she was just such a loving little soul with a remarkable deep red coat and striking white markings. Turns out she is not only a beauty but has the happiest, playful nature and is always eager to please. Just the traits I look for in a breeding prospect. When not chasing squirrels or patrolling the yard Lady is snuggled up on a lap or on the back of the couch looking out the window! She is a perfect medium at approximately 35 pounds. I have huge expectations for Lady’s future puppies!