Country raisin a ruckus

WALA #NW0031773

Raisin is the granddaughter of one of the most well known legendary Australian Labradoodles of our Breed, Rutlands Baby Joey. Joey was imported into the USA from Australia in 2003 by Hudson Labradoodles. He was known for producing offspring with his goofy personality, stamping his pups with discintioh. Many of his offspring went on to be service or therapy dogs as well as great family companions. Joey’s offspring range in size from large to small, giving the breed lots of diversity.

Raisin’s sire side of the family is equally notable. Her sire is Rare Silver’s Casino Royale, an Australian gentlemen with deep dark chocolate color.

We are proud to co-own Raisin with Country Labradoodles and look forward to her contribution to carry on the tradition of the original Australian Labradoodles with the goal of producing great family companions and service and therapy dog prospects.

Raisin is one of those dogs that can outsmart just about any seasoned dog owner. She is quick and intuitive and always on, never missing anything! Raisin is the kind of dog that would make an excellent medical alert dog. We hope she will pass this on to her offspring!

    OFA Hips Good
    Pennhip L .52 R .51
    Elbow Normal
    CAER Normal
    Cardiac Normal
    Patellas Normal
    Progressive Retinal Atrophy PRCD PRA Normal
    Von Willebrand Disease 1 Normal
    Size 17″ ; 30 lbs.
    Coast Curly Fleece
    Color Chocolate/Phantom
    WALA # NW0031773